Photo: Ruth looking for visible gold (VG) at an old showing.

Prospecting and mineral exploration is how our family makes a living.

The Prospector

The first image that comes to mind is an old man with a beard leading a donkey or panning for gold along a river in the Yukon. Most people think prospectors are a nostalgic person of the past. Prospectors still exist today and are an important part of the mineral exploration industry.  Prospecting is being done across Canada and the world; however, I’m going to focus on what we do here in Northwestern Ontario.

Prospecting in Northwestern Ontario

Before a mine is found, a lot of looking goes on and a lot of money is spent looking for that mine. Everything that happens before there is a proven profitable resource is basically called mineral exploration. Prospectors are an important part of exploration. Exploration in Northwestern Ontario focuses on minerals found in bedrock: precious metals (eg. gold, silver), base metals (eg. copper, nickel, platinum), rare earth metals (eg. lithium, tantalum).

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Staking Claims

Mineral Exploration by Prospectors

Nature of Work

Essential Skills

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